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Look out Slater Designs are here

by Shane Hartnup | | | 0 Comments

You’ve all heard it before that old saying

"Out with the old, in with the new".

Well its getting closer, that Hayden Shapes wave has past, And along with it Craig Anderson on his Hypto Krypto model (which was board of the year).

Now it’s time to step down, Now it’s time for the new guy.

Ever since Kelly Slater has taken over Firewire Surfboard’s.

He’s been working with Dan Thomson from Tomo Surfboards on his own range.

From that Slater Designs was born.

Dan Thomson’s no stranger to board design  working with the dynamic’s and Scientific’s of water distribution.

You’ve all seen it for yourself with Stu Kennedy  tearing it up at the Quicksilver Pro on his Slater / Tomo design’s model the Sci – Fi

Well let me tell you, this is just the start of it. The Sci – Fi is being talked about as the next surfboard of the year.

Who knows maybe even Dan Thomson from Tomo Surfboard’s will be awarded with shaper of the year.

Slater Design’s new extended family has certainly got a lot of people talking.

With the first batch of his new model’s on their way to Destination Surf.

Surfing in Western Australia this winter could be the best yet.




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